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Budapest Enterprise Agency


Since 1993 Budapest Enterprise Agency (BEA) has been the only organization founded by the Budapest City Council for the development and promotion of the micro, small and medium enterprises of the Hungarian capital. Our mission is to contribute to the development and expansion of viable, new and existing entrepreneurs based on the market needs, thus contributing to the creation and preservation of workplaces in Budapest and to the facilitation of the economic growth of the Capital.

Our tasks are defined by the Budapest Strategy of Facilitating the Economic Growth and Job Creation (2015-2021) accepted by the Budapest City Council in 2015. The principles of our operation are in line with the actions proposed in the Small Business Act and Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.

The two pillars of the activity of the Agency are innovative SME development and non-profit microfinancing. BEA is one of the few European SME development organizations that provide both low-amount (below 32,000 EUR) financial services for micro entrepreneurs and non-financial, business development services to SMEs. Women and young entrepreneurs are emphasized target groups of the services of the BEA.

The Agency supplies innovative SME development services both for micro, small and medium enterprises and SME developer organizations and institutes.


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