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You have visited an effective platform designed in the framework of the EYES project implemented within the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme in order to educate and train idea owners/startups and other emerging entrepreneurs and young people who plan to develop business ideas especially in Slovakia and Hungary.
This platform is part of a cross-border training network enabling all individuals to address the socio-economic changes and to obtain qualifications necessary in a knowledge-based economy. We offer training material and thematic articles on various topics such as internationalization, IPR, access to finance, innovative business plans etc.

The information displayed on this platform will help you to

Improve your entrepreneurial spirit, competences and skills
Increase your knowledge in subjects of your interest
Start your own business and be self-employed
Get professional support for the future development of your enterprise focused on innovation
Participate in competitions, thus gain access to real investors, business angels and seize the opportunity of valuable networking and experience sharing and learn about best practices
Use relevant consultancy and mentoring services by getting in contact with our authors

Study Materials


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Vidar Andersen Master Pitch Training - Budapest Enterprise Agency - 22.11.2018 Budapest

Master Pitch Training with Vidar Anderson, the outstanding startup expert and educator of the international startup world in Budapest on the 22 November 2018. The event was organised by the Budapest Enterprise Agency for startups, enterpreneurs. The...
What will I learn?
  • Experience and learn how and when to use the different types of pitches
  • Develop fundamental pitching skills to create and perform your pitches with confidence
  • Understand what corporate stakeholders are looking for


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Doing Business in Asia: the importance of Intellectual Property protection and enforcement

Both South-East Asia and China are growth markets which provide ample opportunities for Hungarian businesses. Yet, the process of entering and/or remaining in foreign markets requires patience, perseverance and the right preparation, such as finding...
What will I learn?
  • Different types of IP (copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, designs)
  • IP Regime in China and South-East Asia
  • Prevention and enforcement mechanisms



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